Is there ever been a person in your life that had inspired you to do something or just astonished you with their achievements? Luckily I have come across many people like that and one of them would be Otto Höschle. He is the most self-motivated person I know.

I met him in 2014 and instantly I like him. He is a teacher writer and has had some really awesome life experiences. What I like the most is that I can speak with him in different languages.

Recently he has translated Oscar Wildes book “The Sphinx” in German. German is a really difficult language. I have to say I still struggle with German but Höschle has translated it in such a profound way that I am totally loving it.

I have some favourite poems in the Book that I will share soon with you guys.

So who has inspired you?

If you read the book or have already read it, please let me know what you think about it and share your ideas and comments in the comments below.



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