What really pisses me off is that depression is a curable illness with the help of loved ones and medicine/therapy/doctors but since it’s a taboo topic nobody talks about it or seeks help. I am talking more about countries like Afghanistan and other Asian countries not that western countries have improved completely either.

You might be thinking what am I talking about, why wouldn’t somebody seek help when they are suffering?! So let me explain. The culture in countries like Afghanistan, Honduras and the Palestine is very different and to some extend goes over my head because I don’t get it. Mental illnesses are often categorized as a failing of the individual or his or her family, so it seems impolite to most people to talk about it.

So the culture in the countries like this is that having a depression means you are ungrateful, lazy and attention seeker. Basically depression is not seen as a “real” illness but a personality defect and because of that people keep their illness as secret. I am not blaming anyone here because we all are victim of victims and they don’t know any better. What we can do is bring a change so that the next generation doesn’t suffer.

I can go on writing on this topic, because I have been in the midst of it and I know how it is. Maybe for some people it might have been different but for me and majority of people it was the same.

Soon I will be writing about women with depression in Asian countries and some steps to help out bring some change.

Have you or your loved ones suffered depression? What do you think about it?


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