Strong woman

What does strong means, according to the dictionary:

Healthy, powerful

Determined, resolute

Distinct, unmistakable


Forceful on the senses

These are all definition of strong according to any standard dictionary. But what does society, culture, traditions and world says about it?

My grandmothers were and my mother, my aunts, my sisters and my nieces are all strong women. I hope my daughter/s will also become strong woman.

I have couple of different views and opinions of a strong woman. I interpret the question as not being about physical strength. In case of strong character, I think a strong woman is basically the same as a strong man maybe a bit more emotionally. But often it is just that strong character in a woman is often negatively perceived by the society, vs a man with the same exact behavior. The society pressure can be cruel and manipulative. Families, by the way are the tentacles of the society that reach closest to us. The society has been inflicting anxieties on women (as if we already don’t have them!) since the times of Adam and Eve: “what if I am not a perfect wife; mother, daughter, friend, home-maker, etc..? while men are typically allowed freedom of single-minded pursuit of whatever they feel will make them happy – e.g., career, money, status (i.e., they can spend 12-14 hours in the office and not be penalized for not spending more time with their children), woman at the same time are frequently held back by society simply by instilling in their heads that they somehow failed if they did the same thing. I am not saying that woman should start acting like men or ignore their families all I am saying is being fair and stop categorizing woman as a weaker gender.

If women were not so strong and forgiving, human race would have died long time ago.

Therefore, my definition of a strong character woman is that she is just as strong as a man, and in addition does not give a flying damn about what society believes her character to be.

Feel free to share and comment. Thank you for reading.. 😊


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