Is empathy a blessing or a curse?


Is empathy a blessing or a curse?

According to the Wikipedia empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.

Is empathy a blessing or a curse? I have questioned this myself many times in life. I have felt weak and like an idiot for feeling other people pain so much. I know it is a good trait to have but sometimes I really can’t draw a line between someone else sadness and my sadness. For example if a friend is going through something and they come and tell me I will be thinking about their problem for days and feel equally sad or whatever emotion they are feeling and will try to find solutions and ways to make them feel better. I catch up energies really fast.

I don’t know when I started to be so empathetic or was I always like this but one thing is for sure it can be a blessing and a curse. Blessing in a way when I see or hear someone else problem, I am grateful that I am not going through that or if I ever go through it, I know what I will do. Curse in a way that I suffer and suffer for the fact that a loved one is going through that, they might even get over that pain but I will be thinking about it for longer than they might even think about it. I forget the fact that we all have to go through our share of pain and experiences in life.

I would say balance is really important and I always remind myself that whatever happens in our life, happens for a reason.


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Does age define friendship

Does age define friendship? All my life I have had friends who were much older than me. Friends who could be my mother or father but I never felt weird or out of place with them. Strangely they did…

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Does age define friendship


Does age define friendship?

All my life I have had friends who were much older than me. Friends who could be my mother or father but I never felt weird or out of place with them. Strangely they didn’t felt that way either. I always got the compliments like “you are way mature than your age” or “you have an old soul”.

I have had all those older friends coming to me taking advice or just talking to me about their adult problems. I have learned so much from them and have transformed me in an inspiring way that I would never change it at any cost. Things that I have learned from my older friends:

  1. Lesson from their life experience
  2. Classical music from different countries
  3. About the culture and tradition
  4. How to deal with my own stress
  5. Aiming for something

Even when I was in school I was the youngest among all of my mates except my best friend who was the only friend same as my age. Sometimes when I think about my school days and my best friend I feel like I have lived a long life time already. I miss those days and my best friend. She is married now and has a baby and is quiet happy and busy with her life. We try to keep in touch but it’s not like before.

Now in my early 20’s I got to know two amazing souls who is one year older than me S. and another wonderful soul who is three years younger than me N.

This is my first time been friends with someone younger than me. It hasn’t been long that I got to know N but this Girl is just so amazing and reminds me of my younger self. She is kind of a person whom I can rely on when I am feeling down and when I am overly excited about something. We talk about almost anything in this world and nothing is weird for us. She is like the younger sister that I never had; sometimes I get overly protective of her and annoy her lot. There are things that I have learned from my younger friend as well.

  1. Not all young people are silly and immature
  2. Openness towards life
  3. New experiences
  4. Laughing endlessly on weird things
  5. Don’t be so harsh on yourself

I think life is beautiful journey with all its ups and downs. It changes us all the time. What remain are all those beautiful and not so beautiful memories with you. I don’t know where I would be in 10 years and where will N be, but I hope she and all my other friends live happy and healthy lives.

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