Everyone preaches not running away from your fears. I have heard it from so many well-wishing sources that you have to go face your fears, not turn your back on them. Yes, that is absolutely true according to me. But there is also a whole bunch of stuff you ought to turn your back on. See, fear is like a demon on your shoulder that gets more and more powerful the more you ignore it. But there are other demons on ankles – anxiety, insecurities, counterproductive thoughts, boxed patterns of behaviour, clingy painful memories, constricting rules, stupid comparisons, expectations – yours and others, symbols and signs that you create, self-doubt, judgments etc. and most importantly your ego. All these demons grow with attention. The more you pay attention to them, the stronger they get, they expand, bloat and magnify and ultimately make you trip and sometimes they grow so big that they block your view of the future, blinding you from the path ahead and the task at hand. Most often, you can tell when something is pulling you back. So instead of stopping and letting the quicksand suck you in, walk away. I am definitely going to experiment with this realization, I urge you to try as well.


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